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--Shipping will start after 30th of July--

DFS Habicht semi-scale glider kit

wingspan 1m40cm

length 70cm

Weight+/- 350g all up weight

balsa and plywood construction carbon joiners and 3d printed parts.

4x chaservo DS-06 recommended.

- 2x aileron

- 1x elevator

- 1x rudder


Suited for tow line launch, sloping, acro flights.

Construction suited for ballast

This kit is designed for the true balsa enthousiast!


The Habicht is a very agile and energetic little glider.

Although she's a small glider, her performance is pretty alround.

Thermal flights and aerobatics are totally no problem at all.

At the slope you'll have a lot of fun despite her size.

*Pre-order* DFS Habicht glider kit

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