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Two-piece wing partially planked with carbon joiner and screwable stabilizer. 4 servos (CHASERVO DS06 are recommended - @CHASERVO). Take off weight at approx. 420-460g.

The design is made by Jeroen Kole and Vincent Merlijn. Vincent won the world championship in F3K 2017 in a team with Jeroen. After the success of the CXRESmini it was decided to design a F3L/RES model with 2m.

Focus of the new development at the 2m was lift optimization, speed range as well an agile control performance. For this purpose the airfoils of the wing and tailplane were newly developed.

Most of the components are created in such a way that the individual parts can be clicked / pushed together - similar like a puzzle. This avoids construction errors before gluing and reduces the time to build.

The first competitions with the prototype in 2022 showed that a really competitive model was created, which can quickly cover large distance, but also allows very good lift in thermals. The balancing option allows to take advantage of these features even in strong winds. The position of the spoilers has been chosen in such a way that there is almost no turbulence on the tailplane, so that there is still a direct response to the controls also when landing.

The kit contains:

- lasered plywood and balsa parts

- steering rods (carbon inside and plastic outside)

- CNC machined leading edges, hub and wing fairings

- carbon fiber outriggers for the fuselage

- carbon spars and joiners

- Small material

- Printed plans

- Love for aviation and model making 😉

2m F3L/RES

Excluding VAT
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